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Drinking water

Welcome to Alkanature Trade Pvt. Ltd.
Make your water 100%
Pure and healthy

The life making component solely responsible for every living being’s existence on this planet. 75% of the Earth is covered with water & only 3% is drinkable in that. Out of this 3% most of the water is contaminated with toxic chemicals, acids, pesticides making drinking water harmful for Human health and existence. We are leading manufacturing company in the FMCG segment. In today’s era, everyone is facing bad health issues in spite of balanced and healthy lifestyle and the reason is access to pesticides.

Do you know most of our food is produced using harmful chemicals? These chemicals can risk or cause serious health diseases like Cancer, Kidney, Liver and Lungs.

That is where we are playing a vital role in producing and supplying products that can significantly impact your health. Yes, washing fruits and vegetables from plain water is not sufficient to remove or kill the germs. Our product Alkanature Fresh is based on latest technology and kills all the insecticides, pesticides and harmful chemicals from the fruits and vegetables.

Our range of products:

  • Amrit Ionizer
  • Alka Fresh
  • Alka Pure
  • FMCG products
  • Alka Life Drops
  • Alka Jug
  • Personal care
  • Daily need products

We are shortly coming in manufacture sector with our own factory for our products also we coming in E-commerce sector with our as well as other products We are sincerely , totally and humbly committed to giving back our best all parivar member who have in past and those who continue to support us consistently and such marvelously. Consistent& sustained growth of all parivar member eliminating, poverty , generating employment, reducing pollution elevating the general standard of living of each one around us is out motto at swatantra parivar swatantra never tire of membering that we cant spell s”u”ccess without U.

Drinking water Girl

Our Strength

It’s better to hang out with people better than you. Pick out associates whose behavior is better than yours and you’ll drift in that direction.



We belong to direct selling business and our core strength of products comes in from FMCG. While keeping in mind that we want every individual associated with us to gain and earn, we are targeting to be a 1000 Cr company by the end of year 2025.



Our mission is to make our products accessible easily. Our products are economical and add value to your healthy lifestyle. We constantly help our distributors and partners to learn and earn in the time where technology and customer behaviour are changing time over time.



Trust – To earn trust of our distributors, partners and customers is our utmost priority.
Innovation – We focus more on making innovative products to help poor’s and middle class families.
Team Work – All our partners and distributors are our assets and we work as a team to deliver efficient results.