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Alka Pure

Product Description:

Alka Pure

MRP : 22,300/-

Most of us drink water from RO, Government water supply or packaged drinking water. We all know the importance of water for our good health and we all agree to that, but did we take the pain in the past so many years that the water which we and our family consume requires testing?

Generally most of us drink 8 – 10 glass of water every day and that is why it becomes important to understand our drinking water to see if it lacks anything or does it require testing? You will be shocked to know that the packaged drinking water which we consume mostly contains bapakpab which is not at all beneficial for our body. RO will clean your water for sure but it will also turn into bapakpab and kills all the present minerals in the water which we usually should have in with our water.

What is alkaline?

Composites which are not acidic in nature, acidity or alkalinity are measured in pH scale (pH means potassium of hydrogen) in which hydrogen ion’s concentration is measured between the scales of 1 to 14. pH scale of below 7 means your water is acidic in nature whereas pH scale of above 7 means your water is alkaline in nature. Alkaline level contains anti-oxidants, anti-aging, phytonutrients and is filled with essentials minerals and vitamins to make sure you are healthy.

What to do in this situation?

Alkaline Nature has brought to you ‘Alkaline Water’ which gives you tremendous quality of water to drink.

This gives your water:

  • Negative Anti-Oxidants
  • Alkalinization
  • Micro-clustering
  • Increases our immunity
  • Helps in balancing the pH scale of our drinking water
  • Provides complete hydration solution to our cells in the body
  • Removes various toxins and harmful chemicals from our body
  • Helps in absorption of all the healthy vitamins
  • Helps in improving the oxygen level in your blood
  • Effective in weight loss
  • Improves your skin and provide complete health solution