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Alka Drop

Product Description:

Alka Life Drops

MRP : 1700/-

It is made from the water of Great Salt Lake and is a great source to complete minerals.

  • Alka – Life Drops is a beautiful combination of nature and science.
  • It is completely natural, organic and trusted, made from the water of the Great Salt Lake and filled with all the minerals. It is made in natural way.
  • Minerals are present in Alka – Life Drops in the form of Ions due to which it is easily absorbed by our body.
  • Alka – Life Drops is a great source to healthy minerals and is 50 times more concentrated as compared to the water of sea.

How Alka – Life Drops Works?

Lack of minerals can put our body in risk or cause various types of diseases. Alka – Life Drops is a great source to healthy minerals which helps your body in providing balanced minerals, so that your body is healthy and you can work effectively.

How to consume Alka – Life Drops?
  • Mix 25 – 30 drops with water and take daily.
  • Initially start your consumption with 5 – 6 drops.
  • You can also use Alka – Life Drops during the preparation of food.
  • Turn this into spray and use it over to your face and skin.